Tuesday, August 18, 2009

shh! I know I am neglecting you.....

Things are almost back to normal around here, our flooring is finally going in today! Yippee we are eating out tonight for the last time in quite awhile as I have gained about 10 pounds having my life in total upheaval for the past 6 weeks.

Our house has been turned up side down, I have had a birthday, and we have had our 6th anniversary (yeah) I have seen Harry Potter finally and we have started our back to school shopping for the kiddos.

Crazy times. I hope to blog a little more on dealing with all this change and my plans for a revamp of my lifestyle to "fix" all the things I let slide during this period of living out of suit cases and having a COUCH in my kitchen.

Hope everyone is well.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Week 4 and Panic has set in

I could have called this post 2 minutes because you know what??? That is all I have for this post and I'm sure by writing it, I will be two minutes late or 2 dollars short somewhere else today but oh well.

I have been calling this the Go with the Flow Summer of 2009! Really, I have been saying it to my babysitters (all 10 of them)that have been covering various days, shifts, and whatnot.

The drywall guy will hopefully be done today. and we are painting tomorrow and hopefully we will be sleeping in our own home in our own beds tomorrow nite. which is good because Nonno and Nonna will be home tomorrow nite! YIKES.

We will still not have any carpet or trim for another week or two but we are fine with that as long as we can vaccuum up the drywall dust and sleep in our own beds we will be happy.

I will get on the carpet thing this weekend since we changed our wall color I need to pick different carpet!

It will be so nice to sleep in my own bed again I can hardly wait!

Lots of washing and cleaning and grocery shopping for me tomorrow to prepare the house for Nonno and Nonna's homecoming.

I'm arranged an extra week of babysitting so they don't have to jump right back, but I will be so happy when things get back into a new routine around here and I gain some of my sanity back.

Also, in the middle of prep for the launch of a new BLOG! stay tuned we are almost ready. It will be fun, informative, positive, straight forward maybe even a little crazy sometimes. But that's just the was we roll!