Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Green School Lunches

Taking about Green school lunches and how to get started over here at A Balanced Lifestyle.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

An email and I cried.

I can't remember if I mentioned it here or not and I can't be bothered to look for it right now.

At the end of August we said goodbye to the boy's Physiotherapist. She had been our therapist for a little over a year, probably one the the longest terms we have had with a physio as we have experienced alot of turn over due to maternity leaves, leaving for husbands, jobs, transitioning to a school age program and worse lay-offs and service cuts.

She was with us this year as were prepared for and experienced a new school year and a major surgery. She was there for us as we rehabbed from this surgery and helped the boy get to a place where he could see that he had more ability than before the surgery. Not easy for a kid who was in full leg casts and a wheelchair for 8 weeks.

She is from the east coast and came here to go to school and ended up getting a job here so she stayed a few more years.

This year however, as she traveled home for several family events and a wedding, she became a little withdrawn. Never with the children, but as an observer I could tell something was off. Without being nosey I assumed maybe a break up with a boyfriend or other relationship or work matters. I never asked.

But by the end of the summer she sat in a annual review meeting and told us that she would be done at the end of August and she was moving back home. I was very upset to say the least. She has been a total blessing to us, she is able to get the best work from my son, he adores her, she is straightforward with me and provides me with any and all information I request from her.

On the other hand I put myself in her shoes and realized how lonely she must be here and how if I live on the coast by the ocean, I'm sure I would only yearn to be back there. Hell I have lived in my region(never more than 15 mins from where I was born) my WHOLE life. I can only imagine her homesickness. So with a brave face for my son and for her I smiled and said how happy I was for her. When on the inside I was grieving.

Fast forward to today when I received an email from her where I could literally feel her happiness with each word she wrote. I won't lie I cried like a baby because I still miss her so much. I think I am fearful that the boy won't do as well or that I will do something wrong without her guidance. Probably because she helped us through an emotional decision (major surgery) and the surgery and rehab was also such an emotional and exhausting time for our family. Maybe that's why I get so emotional. Can you tell I'm emotional? (over use of the word)

We still have no replacement Physio and have been on our own for the last 4 weeks trying to muddle through and create our own treatment program and workout schedule and trying not to FUCK up all the progress that she/we made this summer.

I feel overwhelmed and exhausted that this is my problem but then I shouldn't because hey he is my kid and his success is in direct proportion to what I put into raising him. So with that I suck it up and smile.

I sent her back a great update email with all that the boy is doing and being and accomplishing.

And then I cried again. I miss her so much!

Perhaps, it is the strong fear that brings up the emotions

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Positive Habit

Just did a post on A Balanced Lifestyle that I thought might be helpful.

For those of us who are overwhelmed, worn out, stressed and feeling out of control.

This positive habit is not for everyone as I know some of you are already getting up at the "crack of the vampires have not gone to sleep yet", but others may find a way to adapt to their own reality and make it work for them.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Biting is not tolerated!

oh my quite the weekend here. My hubby is away on a golf trip with his brothers, they started doing it a few years ago and it has been really good for them so I have no problem with them doing a weekend every year.

My problem comes when my children decide to become possessed with the devil and be a total freaking disaster while I am on my own. Seriously.

It all started out so well Friday bedtime went off with no problems (they were beat from school and activities). Saturday, little angels ate their breakfast, helped with laundry and dishes, we went to the girl's first dance class EVER and we had excellent behaviour and even when we went to the dance store after to acquire some tap shoes things were going so good. A quick stop for lunch at nonnas, then we were off to the dollar store for a few things and a toy each because of such good behaviour, then finally the grocery store where they were again so delightful and helpful I was so proud.

Cut to getting home and all hell breaks lose, the portal to hell(apparently my living room) open up and there was fighting, kicking, screaming, no sharing, and then it happened, while I was hiding away in the boys room putting away laundry I heard it...something like a struggle, some grunting some pushing and then the great cry rang out through the house. I ignored it for a minute but then it got louder and had a more "hurt" tone to it.

What is going on here? I say innocently figuring the girl just got a misplaced hand to the eye.
He said, The girl took my dollor store toy and wouldn't give it back.
I said, so what did you do?
He said, I bit her.
I said, Mr. Full Name of child, THAT IS WRONG! Go sit on the stairs until I tell you to move.

I check out the girl and the welt on her back is already rising. I grab some ice and give her some loving. I look at him and tell him I just don't know what to say.

He starts to cry that she took the toy and wouldn\t give it back.

NOTE: I have them on a sitcker chart for things like cleaning up, being polite, sharing, brushing their teeth, etc.

I confirmed that the girl did infact take the toy, thus explaining why I had heard naa, naa, naa, naa, naa shortly before the crying and screaming.

The end result:

Biting is not tolerated it is violent and it hurts people, sometimes bad enough that they have to go to the doctor ( the boy understands doctors). Taking toys away is not tolerated, this hurst peoples feeling and is not how we act.

The punishment:

No sharing sitcker, how hurray sticker for having a great day, no cookies at dinner time and you have to tell your nonna and nonno why you may not have any cookies at dinner time (we were going there for dinner). No wii and no t.v. tonight after dinner.

Swift and memorable. Did not want them to worry all weekend until their dad came home. But they will have to tell dad about the absence of stickers on their Saturday line on the chart.

Over all I'd say I handled it well. I really did not know what to do. I was so shocked.

What have you done. In this situation??

Friday, September 18, 2009

Something new

It has been a crazy month here. Yes the living room is mildly put back together. We were able to get ready for School, Nursery school, Beavers, Dance Class, wow!

I got away with the hubby for some motorcycle riding and unwinding with friends.

But really exciting RIGHT NOW is something else that I am really proud of. A Blog that focuses on the quest for A Balanced Lifestyle.

Check it out if your interested in A Balanced Lifestyle

Love to hear your feedback

Monday, September 14, 2009

The Superior Wife Syndrome

I don't know if I am comforted or completely disturbed by this article.

Your thoughts??