Thursday, February 9, 2012

Dear Loyal Followers,

I have now realized that everyday someone checks my blog, either a new person who found my blog through a search or key word or many of you who were regular followers who are just curious as to what that heck is going on around here?

So this update is for you.

Yes I am knee deep in figuring out this working mom of 3 thing, while trying to do well at being a mother, a wife, a sister, a friend, and a good employee because contrary to my behaviour and my dishevelled appearence some days. I still want to be a good if not a spectacularily great employee.

For home I am knee deep in mothering an 8yr old child with a physical disability, who is starting to get real frustrated with it. on top of the fact that recent testing has revealed an additional vision problem that has likely been the root cause of his falling behind in his reading.

A sweet 5.5 year old girl who loves dressing in "fashion" and wants me to curl her poker straight hair everyday for school (not enough time in the whole for that one baby)

A gorgeous 21 month old tasmanian devil of a boy who loves to pull every.single. pot or pan or baking dish or tupperware container out of the cupboards EVERY. SINGLE. DAY! oh yeah did I mention before 6AM...yes that's correct 6AM! OY

A darling husband who continues to ask me if I'm sure we can't swing HOMESCHOOLING our kids cause he thinks that would be what is best for them. huh?? I can tell you right now me being home with all me kids every. single. day! Will not be good for ANYONE!

My work is crazy busy as we are ticking down to some SIGNIFICANT deadlines, nothing like a little pressure to get the creative juices flowing. Add that to the pressures of conflicting priorities and volia, not enough coffee in the world right now!

So instead I came here to procrasinate a little more and give y'all a little update.

I'm sure I will be back more often as I really feel the need to get things out of my head right now to clear the space for what I really need to get done.