Monday, July 27, 2009

Living Room Reno - Week 2

So I started this post earlier today with the intent to tell you all the annoying/charming little things about living at my in-laws. Like the dryer to rival Minivan mom's. It takes literally 3 hours to dry 10 pairs of childrens' size 3 underwear and socks...honestly.

or I could tell you about the wicked awful sore throat and yucky feelingness that I have been experiencing for the last three days.

But really all I can tell you about it how my baby girl is really having a tough time sleeping in this house( i don't blame her) it is hot as balls in this house.

I think she is getting too hot in her room (she is sharing with her brother)and comes to sleep with me because its cooler. Ever morning about 3am she slips into bed beside me.

Tonight it is really hot and she just showed up at the door, she stayed for a half hour or so just enough to cool down and then went back to her room because the typing and reading light was bothering her (mean mommy) I'm sure she will be back in a few hours and I can hardly wait. It's not behaviour I want to encourage at all because it will take forever to undo it. But I have to admit I am savoring every last second that she sneaks in and lies beside me. I love it.

hubby has been sleeping a few nights here in the awful bed. a DOUBLE and a few nights at home in our glorious 3 month old Queen bed of awesomeness. I seriously better get a few weekends of sleeping in after this is all done.

We are on track so far to have drywall up this week and paint and carpet done next week which should have us moving back into our own house 2 days before the in-laws get home.

We may not have all the furniture bought yet but who cares I can sleep in my own bed again. thanks be to all that is good and holy!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Chaos for good instead of Evil

So our windows were delivered, late last week. Our contractor dude dropped over to measure them to make sure they were ok. He said he would likely be back on Tues or Thursday to with a crew to install them. that was great as we still need a few days to clear out the rest of the furniture, take down a wall and take apart the entertainment centre and cover everything else in plastic

Then he called on Friday night to let us know they would be here at 8AM on Monday. AWESOME (not)

So we worked like crazy people all weekend hubby on the taking things apoart me on the packing and moving our kids to the inlaws (since they are away in italy) for god knows how long. As the weekend wore on my husband became more crazed to ripp down the wall and I kept trying to slow him down saying we have to get everything out and protected first.

I finally gave him the go ahead to start ripping down our rain damaged mouldy drywall and he was done in 45 mins. Demon man has the nerve to say to me well I got everything done that I wanted to get done! Fuck you charlie! You just made me pack up the most used room in our house in less than 24 hours cursing the hole time about how you'll never get it all done and your are done in 45 mins. You are not my shining start at this moment.

However, fast forward to today and I have 2 new beautiful windows in my living room that is ready to be drywalled and I just have to pick out paint colors. In a bout 2 more weeks I will be a happy camper. new carpet, new color, a few pieces of new furniture (hopefully if we don't go too far over budget) Yippee.

Crazy is definately worth cosy comfort.


Thursday, July 2, 2009

Crazy Summer brewing

So we are 10 minus 10 and counting on my in-laws leaving for Italy this summer. This means I have had to get creative with my childcare for the summer. I think I have managed to cover off each day with a combination of my vacation days, my neice, my parents, my grandparents and my brother in law. The therapy aide that comes in for the boy has also offered to help our bless her.

On top of that we are ripping apart our living room due to water damage to the side wall and the ceiling. We decided to take on this project because we would be able to move in to the in-laws were gone and then I don't have to raise two little kids in a BIG mess. Complicate that by the fact that my brother in law had to sell his house (due to divorce) and does not get possession of his new house until the end of August. Yep Check that I will be living with 2 men this summer. Yippee for me.

So we are packing for an annual weekend away with friends, but it is increasingly feeling like we are running out of time to get everything ready for the inlaws to leave. We have been moving boxes as some of my BIL stuff went to storage and some of it came to my inlaws, trying to co-ordinate luggage and space for my MIL to start packing all while trying to keep up with our regular days.

I'm hoping we can keep most things on time and ticking along. And hopefully at the end of it we will have a nice new living room and a healthier home. We have a sneaking feeling that there is mold behind the wall and maybe in the ceiling that has been causing some health issues around here.

It's going to be crazy busy but it will all be worth it. Please try to understand if I don't return phone calls of emails right away.