Thursday, March 27, 2008


Okay now I am hooked on a new show. I Love watching Jon & Kate Plus 8. Either you love it or hate it.

I'll admit that I get real sick of Kate being a bitch to Jon and the kids sometimes.

But the more I watch the more I am able to organize and plan ahead for my own family, and we just have 2 kids.

Kill me now. I really need to get a life!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

EASTER Tidings

Oh my ! I can't believe it has been 5 days.

We had a great easter, other than hubby who was having some kind of moral/religious crisis and was giving the kids a hard time. But we had a great easter egg hunt!

We had a fabulous lunch made by my M-I-L god bless her.

I wish I could post photos but we were having so much fun I only took like 3.

I had a great walk with the dog and my 6 year old nephew and we played a great game called Pick2 (like scrabble, but different)

Sorry for the short post and lack of wit.

Thursday, March 20, 2008


Today is a running day. We slept in...running to get everyone ready to go. Running to work. Running back to pick up bug for a clinic appt and then therapy appt. Then hopefully have a few moments to run to Big Name craft store for few Easter props and not spending more than 20 bucks then running back to work for a few hours and then running home to get dinner for family.

Running, Running Running. Who do I look like Forrest Gump!

PS Fat club update last week 150.9. this week 150.8 I guess it's still progress.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

What's up dude?

We are a little run down this week. We have been running full throttle after recovering from the flu.

Poor Bug and peanut don't know what hit them we have been home with them and now we are back into work mode and they get schlepped to the sitters and picked up late and quick dinners.

It is hard. I have been doing well at keeping my hours up at work I wish someone would make a decision to let me go down to less hours.

This will be a hard week but we have nothing on the go this weekend and I am hoping for lots of face time with the family (and the easter bunny).

Hope you are all well.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Saturday Morning

Coffee ahhhh!

Hubby is out this morning helping a buddy with some electrical work. So it's just me and the kidlets. Bug must be feeling better because her requested Bob the Builder noodles for breakfast and he ate the whole bowl.

So we are getting caught up on our laundry, cleaning out our closets and preparing bags to donate to my sister and girlfriend for their kids.

I always feel so much better when I clear out their closets (and mine) like I can find stuff again and somehow my life is easier.

If only I could get going on the basement! Although hubby has committed to clearing out the garage on the first nice day we get and if we do that it will be easier to clean out the basement since some of the stuff from the basement needs to be kept in the garage.

I don't feel like cooking this weekend. I spent the last two weekends cooking like crazy to put stuff in the freezer for dinners this week. Since we were all sick I didn't go through all that stuff so I think I will take this weekend off and use up the stuff in the freezer.

Still tired.... luckily Bug was only up 2-3 times last night so I got a bit more sleep then previous nights so I am thankful for that. No explosions, no changing sheets in the middle of the night.

Yup I would have to say that's a pretty good night.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Back to the land of the living.

Funny, that's an expression my mom always used to say after one or more of us had been sick.

What a few days we had.

While I was indisposed in the bathroom BugaLoo managed to catch some kind of disease (ie ebola) that had him with a severe headache and throwing up all night long. He has had a fever of 100 degrees for the past three days. Of course the doctors office doesn't want us to come in because they don't want to get it.

He is eating and drinking and pooping so he seems alright except for the crankiness and feeling like he is going to "explode" (throw up).

So we are catching up laundry (because little boys with CP have a hard time getting to the bathroom before they explode).

Thankfully our dryer was fixed and we can stop hanging clothes all around the house.

Be well!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Let's just say unplesant

Short post today.

As I am running to the bathroom every few minutes.

nuff said.

Have a better day then me!

Monday, March 10, 2008

I missed a day!


I missed a day on my blog! Shit!

Maybe it had something to do with the WINTER Storm! I spent all day shovelling snow. Although I did manage to get a few photos of my cute kids so that is all good.

Still doing laundry and hanging it to dry all over my house.

Hopefully repair man will be able to come by on Wednesday to tell me what the problem is.

Gotta go

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Saturday Morning


Our dryer is broken! This is not good! If I don't get my 3-4 loads of Laundry done I am very afraid of what will happen. How long will it take to get caught up.

I would just pack my stuff up and go to my mom's or my sisters except we got some snow last night and we are expecting a tonne more today!

This puts a whole new spin on Organic Housekeeping! This is not exactly what I had in mind.


Can you dry clothes over the internet?

Well, please excuse me, I have to go and string a wash line all over my house.

Have a great day!

Friday, March 7, 2008

Friday ... a couple of links

Again, I am having trouble, maybe because I am so busy with work. I'm not sure what my block is right now.

I have been reading my book The Life Organizer which has been great! I really have been paying more attention to my needs and what my body and mind have been telling me. Slowing down a little and being more focused. So that is good stuff.

Here are a couple of sites that have been inspiring to me.

Kal is a fellow Canadian and I LOVE her art and her blog is one of my favorites.

Ali is a design editor for my favorite scrapbooking magazine Creating Keepsakes

Have a creative Friday.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Much ADO about nothing

Gosh! I am having a problem with this blog lately. I have not a witty, sarcastic, funny, inspiring, information thing to tell you today.

So I'll start with a recap of my lovely day yesterday.

5:30 AM (people AM) Lovely hubby has a sneezing fit in kitchen wakes up entire house.

5:45 AM - diaper change, bathroom time and a whopping cup of joe gets my eyes open. HOLY SHIT 25 cm of SNOW! YUCK! (can I go back to bed now)

6:15 AM start breakfast, cereal, toast, fruit and the like for everyone

6:40 Hubby leaves for work with hugs and kisses for everyone telling me to be careful if I decide to go to work.

7:30 AM buses cancelled, I call in and email to work Not coming in.

8:20 AM after looking at driveway and the amount of snow still coming down, decide Bug is not going to school either.

PJ DAY! (except we were all dressed due to 5:30 AM wake up time.

Play Play Play, Laundry, Laundry, Clean up Scrapbooking room rearrange office.

12noon - Lunch chicken soup, alphagtetti, toast, fruit yadda yadda,

Start to prepare to shovel out driveway as Bug has therapy, Call into centre to see if therapist made it in.

Shovel shovel shovel.

Bug wants to go for nap,

1:45PM Put children down for nap, pour pot of tea, lie on couch to veg. Laundry, Laundry

2:30 hubby home early cleans rest of driveway

3:30 PM kidlets awake, briefly think about dinner

4:30 PM decide to ask in-laws if we can go there, yes she wants us to clean up their leftovers

Yadda Yadda - Bed time routine

cha Cha.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

I'm not going to miss a day..I'm not going to miss a day

Trying not to miss a day of blogging in March.

Not a lofty goal...but it is my goal.

so piss off.

Snow day, cancellations, 25 cm of crappy snow to shovel, another missed day of work.

I could go on but that would mess with my "Trying to be more positive goal"

Oh piss off and quit laughing.


Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Aack! Lack of Discipline

Today is TOPS day, or as you have come to know it FAT CLUB. I am NOT excited as I have NOT been very good this week about anything. Let's see the FOUR rules I set for myself:

1) No eating after 7pm (maybe 2 nights out of the last 7) (Very poor)
2) No alcohol (This I did well, nothing all week, not a drop!)
3) Exercise (not so much, some core training with the big ball )
4) No snacking at my desk (3 chocolate bars, 1 pkg starbursts, 1 pkg fruit gummies, Gum) (VERY VERY POOR)

So I am not expecting too much from the scale today except maybe to go up a point or two.

However, I did take action to remedy this situation and to get it together. I spent the weekend cooking and portioning out food, this way all my meals are planned and snacks are ready to be packed as well as lunches.

This week I am going for the big 2 lb loss again.

Here's to fruit and veggies!

Monday, March 3, 2008

Cerebral Palsy - Part 3

Blood tests - Normal
Liver function - Normal
Enzyme tests - Normal
Hormone levels - Normal
Chromosone tests - Normal
CT Scan - Normal

Baby who cannot sit up and has fists clenched and toes curled at all times - NOT FRIGGIN NORMAL

Let's see... So the first six -twelve months consisted of all the tests, not one single person discussed or mentioned what we could be heading for.

I had been researching on the internet and thought we were looking at CP but nobody would confirm that.

As part of the issues with Bug's foot and the way it had been folded and tucked the tendons had been stretched too much on the outside and were too short on the inside. We had a tiny little brace made to keep his foot at 90 degrees to allow the tendon on the inside of the ankle to stretch and to let the tendon on the outside shrink up a little. Our instructions were to keep this brace on basically all the time, 23 out of 24 hours.

The OT that made this little brace for us, made it with her bare hands, cupping bug's foot in her hand and moulding the plastic around it. I remember her having trouble with the plastic being too warm and being too pliable. I thought she had corrected everything, as she didn't say anything about coming back if there was a problem.

For 2 months EVERY day, ALL day I dutifully strapped my little boy into this little brace, every day I stretched his foot and strapped him in this brace because to me this was something I had to do to ensure he MIGHT have a chance to WALK someday.

Then at one of his therapy sessions when the therapist took a close look at this foot she noticed that in the brace there was a little hump and that hump had effectively pushed all the muscle from Bug's heel off the heel into the arch of his foot and basically DISFIGURED his foot.

WHAT THE F***! I had been strapping him into that thing, thinking I was doing a good thing and I had wrecked his foot. Now I know in my head that I am not to blame but I tell you it took 2 years before my heart would believe it and everytime I open his keepsake box and I see that nasty little thing all those guilty feelings come rushing back.

Needless to say, we marched down to the OT department and threw a little hissy fit and had a new brace made, which took over an hour, and I made her start over again 2 times. I was not taking any chances.

This is the first time I remember feeling the weight of my situation, no one else was going to be able to look after Bug and his treatment except me! I was going to have to make all the decisions, research all our options and make sure everyone is doing their GODDAMNED job properly!

This is not to say that Hubby was not or is not involved. He is very involved. He takes bug to therapy, he attends all invasive treatment appointments (needles, CT scan, etc) He reads all the therapy notes and all the letters from the doctors. We discuss all the research I do and we come to a decision together.

But don't kid yourself, I believe I lose more sleep over it than he does, because I think, he thinks,, I know what I'm doing.

The first time I heard Cerebral Palsy was in a very good way! BugaLoo was about 8-9 months old, I had asked the therapist outright "Are we dealing with Cerebral Palsy". Physiotherapists are not allowed to discussed diagnosis, she told me, "However, BugaLoo does not present like Cerebral Palsy, but I can't put my finger on it."

Little did I know I was going to hear alot of that in the months to come.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Sunday! Sunday ! Sunday!

The sun is shining, the birds are singing, it's a beautiful day!

We are all going outside today. I just sent hubby off to fetch Bugaloo's shoes and AFOs that we managed to leave at a friends house last night, where we had dinner and a great visit. I also asked him to pick up a few things that I forgot at the grocery store yesterday when I ventured out with 2 children on Saturday morning to the grocery store. (silly me)

So I will do a few things to prep for dinner and then it will be outside for some fun in the snow and sun.

I realized at my scrapbooking weekend that I didn't have any photos of the kids playing in the snow this year. It has been so cold we haven't played outside much.

So to day is the day.

Clutter and organizing will have to wait one more day, because we are out for some family fun.

Oh Oh a little munchie just cam to see me at my desk and something smells a little FUNKY.

Time to go change somebody's pants.

Have a great sunday!

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Organic Housekeeping

I was hoping this title may inspire me to get some housekeeping done.

You know, if I write about it, it will happen.?

Since my return to full time work, my cousin, Ka (who has a learning disability) has been helping me out by coming once a week to do the vacuuming of our main living area, changing the sheets on the beds and cleaning the bathroom, plus 2-3 loads of laundry while she's here. I can't even begin to tell you how helpful it has been to know that the basics are being covered.

I don't have to worry about cleaning the tub BEFORE bathing my children. NICE!

However, this still leaves the dusting, vacuuming the rest of the house, and the other 10 loads of laundry that my family of four manages to produce in a week.And picking up all the CRAP that we have in our house.

Now that's ORGANIC.

Anyway, I guess I just needed to complain a little before I suck it up and get started on the laundry.

I have been using this new Organic Laundry Detergent and fabric softner called Nature Clean, well I'm not sure if it's new to the marketplace, but it is new to me. I found it in our local healthfood store and two weeks later it was available in my grocery store. So I am sure they have been around for a while. I am minimally ahead of the trend you know.
I quite like it and no one in my family has noticed a difference in their clothes.

I also use their all purpose cleaner for mirrors and windows and counter tops, and the toilet bowl cleaner (which smells like pine) All work just as well as the brands I was using before.

Well, that laundry is NOT going away! I have to get groceries (cereal milk bread) and it has started snowing again.

Have a great Saturday!