Sunday, June 28, 2009

Rainy day!

What a bummer we were really looking forward to a day outside. So instead we will be baking some cookies and maybe cleaning out the toy cave AKA the basement. We'll see maybe it will turn into a productive day anyway.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Well that was FUN - Not!

Oh My that was the worst 24 hours of my life.

I thought I was just tired yesterday morning, but I dragged my ass to work anyway. about 10am I started feeling real yucky and spent a little time in the bathroom, well two different bathrooms because I didn't think I should turn our main bathroom into a toxic waste dump. I waited until I had a break and then made a run for our bathroom in the basement floor which "services" less people.

By 11 I had my head on my desk and thought I better head for home while I still could. I got home and went to bed till about 3:30 without even knowing what happened. I thought maybe a shower would make me feel better since my body hurt all over. I was VERY VERY WRONG. That 3-4 minute shower was the worst thing that ever happened to me. It felt like ever pellet of water was making me want to hurl. Excrutiating.

Back to bed and then kids and hubby came in about 6:30 I woke up and had a freezie. nectar of the gods that gave me enough of a sugar rush to drink some gatorade which made me feel expontially better. Just in time.

Right on cue. My precious little three year old has a nose bleed which as I was cleaning her up cause her to start vomiting profusely all over me, her bed her pillow, everywhere.

After a full on room change and clean up. I was exhausted and went straight back to bed and hubby picked up the slack with the boy and getting him off to bed.

What a night. This morning we are just kinda taking it easy watching ALOT of TV and sipping our water juice gatorade and haveing some dry toast.

Hubby had to go help BIL move and I am on my own today. the boy has a birthday party at 2 so I will be taking him bowling with his buddies. Thankfully MIL is available to look after the girl this afternoon making my life way easier.

thankfully this is supposed to only last 24-48 hours. I should be tip top tomorrow for my day of rest. Oh wait maybe I will have to go to work to make up for the day that I lost on Friday...we'll see.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Oh my god I do not want to study tonight. So far I have twittered and tweeted and checked all my usual blogs. I know that one of my favs is whirling from a big move this weekend and trying to sign off on the sale of their previous home.

Another fav is recovering from what must have been a hellish evening playing field hockey in some really HOT weather

Ack! my hubby just walked in. CAUGHT procrastinating. I must go know that the warden is back to watch over me so I get my studying done.


Monday, June 15, 2009

A compliment or a comment - you decide

So I am home. I survived the 5 hour drive the intense 10 hour a day course for 4 days and the 4 hour exam on Friday (with no pee break, the 5 hour drive back home.

My house was a shambles when I got there but everything else was relatively okay.

I had to grocery shop right away since there was no food left even though I told my hubby that my preparation last thursday would not last and he would have to shop before I came home. He decided to stretch it all to the limit and eat at his mom's for 2 days. Asshat!

I took the kids shopping yesterday because today is Daddy's 40 birthday and I thought I should try to pull something special together to honor the day. I have 25 people showing up tonight after work to go for a quick ride on the motorcycles and out for dinner.

So last night as we are lying in bed my husband says "Thing sure are more relaxed when you are here" "thing run more smoothly"

I did not reply because that probably would have gone something like this.

"no SHIT Sherlock, in order for things to go smoothly you actually have to plan ahead and execute DUMBASS!"

So I laid quietly in bed giggle at the prospect of cutting holes in all his underwear and socks.

The End.