Saturday, February 19, 2011


Holy cow!
5 sick people equals not a very good 10 days in our household.

Fevers, chills, sore throats, aches and pains.

It has not been much fun.

We are on the mend and using this Family Day weekend to rest, recovery and take it easy. Catch up on all the laundry and cleaning to get this sickness the hell out of my house!

It was a tough 10 days of juggling work, child care, sick kids, homework and food.

If I never eat soup again it won't hurt my feelings. That's all anyone wanted and we went through all the soup in the cupboard and all the soup broth and noodles I keep in the pantry to make homemade soup.

One Bonus: a jump start to weight loss, I think I lost about 7 lbs from my soup eating.

Of course the poor baby got it last and he is still not very happy. Which means I must end this blog post to go comfort him.

Poor guy!

Hope everyone else is well and enjoying their family day weekend.